We are Vivian Partnership: "sustainable development needs to be the clear result of actions not vague ambitions"

Behaviour Change… Next Oomph Seminar
VP-Oomph Seminars-v2


After April’s successful session we are hoping our next Oomph Seminar will build on it and consider collective behaviour change

It is likely to be in London again towards the end of June, watch this space and sign up now if you want to secure your spot




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Uncovering Sustainability Potential

At Vivian Partnership we deliver real commercial success by uncovering sustainability potential.

We work with what is already in place within businesses and brands.

By exploiting it we can unlock a desire to develop a robust sustainable approach to business.

The majority of businesses have a considerable depth of activities in the sustainability area.

Many however are unrecognised, seen as peripheral and unconnected to the rest of the business. By identifying and highlighting them a coordinated and powerful approach can be developed, working with the reality of the business and taking it forward.