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Interserve Construction – Engagement Planning, Raising SustainAbilities’ Profile

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March – June 2013



Interserve Construction is one of UK’s leading construction firms. It has a very strong record in sustainable construction, erecting the UK’s first fully compliant Passivhaus office. It is part of Interserve Group, a FTSE 250 listed plc with revenues of £2.3bn annually.



Interserve plc launched an ambitious new sustainability strategy, SustainAbilities, in early 2013 with 15 goals and 48 targets. The construction division wanted to embed it as deeply as possible within the organisation to drive the delivery of the goals by 2020.



Immersion across business, including manager workshops and site visits. Definition of the range of states of engagement – the progression from disengaged to champion. Stakeholder mapping – the identification of priority audiences within the organisation.



Development of an action matrix and an annual engagement plan. Based on 3 priorities: data, discipline and discussion in order to reach the priority audiences with campaigns, messages and information to give deeper meaning and involvement in the SustainAbilities plan across the construction division.

Of particular focus was the use of data as an engagement device. This involved stakeholders at the point of collection by displaying the consequences of the results via a new interactive data collection tool.

SustainAbilities is a long term plan to 2020 so actions will take time to embed. One conspicuous and immediate demonstration of how it is connecting deep into the business is that the Managing Director of Interserve construction was persuaded out of his beloved Audi into a Vauxhall Ampera, electric car… and he enjoyed the experience. Here is his blog where he celebrates 250mpg… is electric the new V8?



It is fantastic to leave a seminar feeling inspired and full of practical ideas. Thursday’s oomph seminar did exactly that, Ben and Dan are naturals at putting an audience at ease which meant real participation from the group. As environmental professionals often form a one person team, it is fantastic to share a room with like minded individuals from local businesses who have faced and tackled similar challenges and can offer insight and advice. Eagerly anticipating the next installment of Oomph!

Nicola Duffy, Environmental Co-ordinator at Highcross, Leicester

Thank you both for inviting us to today’s Oomph seminar. From our point of view, we found the stimulus material and subsequent debate insightful from a sustainability perspective, but also in a wider context applicable to the successful deployment of general business initiatives.

Participant at Oomph Seminar 30 June 2011

Really enjoyed this morning. I have attended very few seminars over the past two years simple because they are all too similar, often the the same speakers and follow the same theme. Today was most importantly enjoyable, interesting and got the brain cells working. I like small groups with variety of people and backgrounds.

Participant at first Oomph Seminar 30 June 2011