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End-to-end Reporting

How do you make your Sustainability or CSR Reporting stand out from the others and provide real value to the business?

Producing your report doesn’t have to be a chore and it should form a valuable part of presentation of your brand. All too often well-intentioned messages and great stories do not reach their intended audience. How do you get people to read your report?

We have extensive experience at providing the complete sustainability or CSR reporting package either from taking on the whole project – end-to-end, or working with your  in-house team as external advisor or independent moderator/facilitator.

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Report what matters …

Stakeholder engagement is not new and is now seen as essential to effective reporting. By understanding what readers want and need you will make your reporting process more efficient and your report more credible.

Effective engagement reveals those issues that really affect people and about which they want you to inform them.

We discover what really matters to you and your stakeholders

Working with CEMEX UK, insight from internal and external stakeholders has led them to change the way they report and now do not produce annual reports, rather they now provide focussed updates on the issues that of known concern.

“We engaged Vivian Partnership to review our sustainable development reporting. The Partnership helped us define a clear vision for the project, and used a robust and innovative methodology to recommend a series of changes to our existing reporting. The review provided a great deal of depth and insight well beyond our expectations, and the knowledge we now about our key stakeholders and their priorities and views about CEMEX, is critical to the future development of our sustainable development reporting.

As a follow up to the review, we are now moving on to the second phase of this project, and have commissioned the Partnership to complement a quantitative piece of work with a qualitative study to further develop our sustainable development strategy and competitive advantage.

We are working with Ben and Dan Vivian, who based on their individual and unique expertise and skills, complement one another to deliver on our briefs efficiently and effectively.”

Marit Meyer-Bell, Director, Communications & Public Affairs –  United Kingdom


… to a standard that gives you credibility

Standards for sustainability reporting such as Global Reporting Initiative (GRI G4) or AA1000 can appear complicated and very involved. Standards can also get in the way of telling compelling stories.

Imaginative and compelling reporting can still meet standards.

We give reporting oomph and find hidden potential

With a new revision of GRI out, the International Integrated Reporting Framework in draft and Mandatory Carbon Reporting coming up fast, there are many tools and requirements out there. Standardisation may be essential for certain decision-makers, without a clear link to brand it can become a straight-jacket.

Here is a case study of how we approached it for Hanson.


and in way that enhances brand and reputation

Many reports take months to prepare and then languish without being given the space to tell their stories. Confidence in your stories and coherence with your brand give renewed value to your reporting.

We can give your reporting an authentic personality and individual voice.


Ben and Dan Vivian share a wealth of expertise from all phases of sustainability reporting, from defining materiality using various stakeholder engagement methods, through writing, designing and presenting reports, report assurance and developing communications strategies to get your stories out there and read.


It is fantastic to leave a seminar feeling inspired and full of practical ideas. Thursday’s oomph seminar did exactly that, Ben and Dan are naturals at putting an audience at ease which meant real participation from the group. As environmental professionals often form a one person team, it is fantastic to share a room with like minded individuals from local businesses who have faced and tackled similar challenges and can offer insight and advice. Eagerly anticipating the next installment of Oomph!

Nicola Duffy, Environmental Co-ordinator at Highcross, Leicester

Thank you both for inviting us to today’s Oomph seminar. From our point of view, we found the stimulus material and subsequent debate insightful from a sustainability perspective, but also in a wider context applicable to the successful deployment of general business initiatives.

Participant at Oomph Seminar 30 June 2011

Really enjoyed this morning. I have attended very few seminars over the past two years simple because they are all too similar, often the the same speakers and follow the same theme. Today was most importantly enjoyable, interesting and got the brain cells working. I like small groups with variety of people and backgrounds.

Participant at first Oomph Seminar 30 June 2011